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Glenn L. Lewis

Glenn L. Lewis


About October 2008 I suffered from severe back pain. I tried exercise to lose the weight in my stomach. Somehow, I thought if I could lose the large stomach, the pain would go away. I met Dr. Hunter Evans while in the gym working to get better when he assured me he could help. Keeping him to his word, I started weekly sessions in his office. This led to a strict diet, colon cleanse and detox.

After a few sessions I began to lose weight and felt much better. I still wanted the stomach gone, though! So, I sought the help of Jennifer Guerrero, one of Chirofit’s personal trainers. I saw her once a week and Dr. Hunter once a week, along with my exercise program, I am feeling like my young self again. Five months later, I lost 35 lbs and went from a size 40 to a size 35 in pants. My wife can’t believe the difference in me. She thought this would be just another phase, but I have stuck with it and will continue to do my best! Thank you, Dr. Evans!

First Appointment - Total Cholesterol 155 // Triglycerides 214

After Six Months - Total Cholesterol 106 // Triglycerides 73