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Robert Collard

Robert Collard


I was 14 when I started having lower back pain. I’m now 37 and over the course of the last 23 years, I’ve been “treated” by chiropractors who now form a long list of doctors who failed to get me any long-term relief. Over time, my lower back pain spread down the back of my legs, up into my mid-back, then eventually into my neck, causing horrible headaches. I started to think that I was in a helpless situation, that this was a condition I had to live with, and that I was just getting old.

Everything changed when I started seeing Dr. Evans. He approached my problems from a “whole body, whole lifestyle” perspective and concluded that my problems could be solved not only through chiropractic treatment, but also with better nutrition and better footwear. I always thought I was a healthy eater until he explained to me that most of what we eat is loaded with bad sugars and a lot of chemicals, even those products that claim to be healthy, low fat, etc. The buildup of these pollutants in my body was causing inflammation and stiffness. He put me on a simple diet. By the third day of the diet, the stiffness in my mid back was gone! A few days later, my lower back pain was gone! By the second week, the chronic tendonitis in my left arm…gone! Headaches…gone! In two weeks I dropped 10 pounds with no hard exercise, and I’ve got more energy than I know what to do with! Even my skin tone has improved and everyone tells me how great I look.

Through this healthy lifestyle change and the therapy at the clinic, I feel incredible. I almost bounce out of bed in the morning; job stress doesn’t get me down; and I’m always in a good mood (which my son and wife also appreciate). I feel 10 years younger and about 10 times more self-confident! Now I am in control of my body, my health, and my life!