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Yolanda Lilly

Yolanda Lilly


I have been under Dr. Hunter Evans care for less than one month and my life has been radically changed. For over a year and a half I woke up everyday feeling exhausted and had excruciating pain in my joints.

I am only 31-years-old and a mother of two beautiful children. After visiting many doctors and getting the same answer, “you need anti-depressants” or “you have fibromyalgia”. I decided to try Dr. Evans and he has been an answer to my prayers. By following his treatment for only two weeks I feel totally energized and capable to do my daily activities without having to push myself. I literally have no pain in my body! I have been a dance instructor for many years, and I was so discouraged because I felt so unhealthy, constantly tired, and unable to do many things I love to do. My whole family has been positively affected by my visit to Dr. Evans. Recently, I was outside with my 7-year-old son playing football and it made me realize how sick I had felt as well as how long I had felt sick. Now, I feel great!

The staff at this office is so caring and fun to work with. I know at Chirofit their passion is to see people like me become strong and healthy. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Evans.